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because harry knows too many damned peopleCollapse )
Never thought I'd have slept for so long. Just goes to show how much you miss even the simple things.

Gonna go work on the piano at the school, if anyone needs me.

And, ah.

Winry, I don't suppose, if you have a moment, I could request a bit of your time?

That's about it from me.
I want to thank everyone for both the welcome back and best wishes on Father's Day. It's all been very thoughtful.

I have my old room back. Most of my stuff seems to be here, albeit dusty. I'm glad to see everything again. Brings back some memories. Good and bad alike, but memories are precious regardless.

I also want to commend all of you for all of your hard work. This place has come a long way, and still is developing with everyone's efforts. Many of you are new, and many of you are old faces -- but most of us have things in common. Enough to work together as community, even if we don't have the same views.

To those I know, thank you again for welcoming me back. Right now, there's no where else I'd want to be, and that's said in complete truth.

To those I don't know yet, my name is Harry Mason. I had been here a long time, and was returned back to where I was. And now I'm here again. For what reason, I don't know, but right now it's not important to me. I'd just like to get to know you if you want to.

Private to the Police ForceCollapse )
All right, all right. I already know what this is all about -- or, at least, however much one can know what Discedo is all about anyway, but that's besides the point. How depressing it can be, how it gets you down. The good, the bad. Hell, I could go on.

Quite frankly, there's just one thing I need to ask everyone.

Is my old room around here? That's assuming the rest of Marshall St. is even still standing at this point.

Anyone have any idea?

Oh, yeah. And apparently someone left me spice cake. Don't touch it; I'm really, really looking forward to something besides beans.
This is pretty selfish of me, but.

Yeah, I don't wanna hear anything about Valentine's Day.

Currently need to know:

Who's staying in Marshall St.? Let me know.
Guess now I'm officially healed.

Physically speaking, anyway.

Anyone who happens to still be at Marshall, let me know what needs to be done.

I don't have it in me to give it up yet, I guess.
Figures. After I finally said it, you had to take him aw

Ace. Lolita. All of you. You had to take him back.

I know. I have bigger things to worry about.

Doesn't make it hurt any less.

Jodie. This is why I can't Yeah.
I've removed myself from the clinic. More people need the space than I should take up.

I'll be heading back to my room for more recovery.

Good to see things are as noisy as ever.

I wonder if I'd die, in an explosion.

Not that I'll try it. Just a thought.

...We're doing something besides panicking, right?
[footsteps, awkward. as if with a limp. the sound cuts in and out, sharply. spiking with mumblings, melding with man and woman alike, no words can be caught. then.]

Ah. Yeah. I need to...

[harry. he coughs, gurgled.]

Stop doing things like that.


I really hate those things. And this is getting to be heavy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. That's... a joke, right?
This is a nice way to say "Happy Holidays".

I can't tell if I was happier last year in comparison to now or not. How pathetic is that?

In any case. I'm heading out for awhile.

Need air.

Might be gone for a day or two.
Another day in paradise.

Why am I afraid? They can't kill me.

private to simon tamCollapse )
I wonder if that was supposed to be a gift or a curse?

Nice to dream something that isn't a nightmare for once. But two days gone...

...At least nothing seems damaged.
Ugh, it figures.

But there are worse things, I guess.
...For a minute. I wondered if I was the one who turned on the TVs, but it's not me. I don't think.

Besides, it seems to be affecting every television screen -- not just the ones I've stocked into that room. The ones I was passing by and everything.

Simon, I'm taking River with me to get someone. We'll be back soon.

Captain Reynolds, don't make too much noise if you can. We'll be over shortly.

It wasn't me, right?
And what the hell was that all about. Ace? Green? Someone want to explain to me about this chaos for a minute? Please and thank you.

The cake was nice, but. A satellite crashing and monsters everywhere? Doesn't equal out to a big cake.

Are Laura and the others back yet? I'm so damned tired of losing everything.

Lisa. Could...? We need to talk.
Been looking for Ashelin.

I didn't find her, but I found a note she left for me.

Good-bye, Ashelin. Thank you.

Three more days. Woo hoo.
Ah, damn it.


There's one monster I can do without.

Why can't you guys ever bring in fluffy bunnies or something?

[ooc: still on hiatus srsly l-lol]
...I won't forget. Thank you for knocking sense back into me, Barret. You're a good friend.

Marlene, where are you right now? I need to talk to you.

I won't say good-bye. For the chance we'll meet again. Even if it isn't likely. And I'm tired of good-byes.
Glad to see the effects have worn off. But it really begs the question -- what other purpose do these chips serve? And is there a way for us to find that out?

In any case. I hope our doctors are working on finding the new location.

This power blocker is still up. And what for?

And the sky.

I feel like. We're guinea pigs.